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I am going to be yelling "Fifty points! To House Slytherin!" in public. Why do *I* get to be in Slytherin? Because it's funny, and not too offensive. Eh?

Help me create a game.

Help me make other people laugh, shame people who get offended at people harmlessly laughing, but stop shaming them as soon as the next person in the world is offended.

Give yourselves a chance to claim Prefecture status in one of the other houses. Or create a new house! As long as it's funny. And not too offensive.

This is a community-made card game about politeness, making other people laugh, and secretly sneaking a bunch of cards into a movie theater. That's what it's about. Well, that's what the topic is about. I was asked to 'describe my topic' and how is that even a thing that makes sense I don't even

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